Donations & Crypto

Running a label isn’t free, besides time we also have some operational cost and we like to expand our operations soon to the more physical realm. Because the covid-19 pandemic hit everyone in the entertainment industry hard. We won’t ask favours when we do something from industry friends. We will pay them donations help us pay them when we organize something.

Besides supporting artist in the digital realm with releasing their music we also help them deal with newer technologies like NFT’s and accepting donations. If you want to donate or buy something from an artist go to their related page. And see what options are available. Are you an artist that didn’t release with us but want some help with NFT’s, feel free to use the contact form.

Directly support the label

  • BTC: 13xLo6kTR7RyDD6WRSH8wT23eEJFxJf6wf
  • ETH: 0xc1fc7ac4f1f8ba13780b79a7fa0b8d63afe9a13a
  • Dogecoin: DDpYBbn8CRHstCUkvFgNvGKuNN6FhAayYp