Da Vinci God

Da Vinci God is a duo between a beatmaker (cradled and inspired by these different cultures between Hip Hop of the 90s, Heavy Metal but also electronic music) and a singer of Metal Goth Indus / Rap Metal, both met in 2017 to carry out a project in collaboration with another group.

It was then in early 2018 that they decided to form Da Vinci God and launch themselves for a first album 100% composed, but also by mixing their cultures and their love for music.

L’Abbé SM begins to shout into a microphone in 1996 through various extreme styles in metal, begins to mix text and rap in the midst of various Hardcore and fusion formations in the early 2000s then this returns to Indus metal / goth in 2014 and find the screams so loved in 2015 with Sharked and their trash / brutal Death. Nourished by numerous exchanges and various enriching encounters within numerous eclectic featuring, the fusion with Vince Neuro quickly took on a disproportionate effort in the love of their respective music to finally give birth to Da Vinci God